Monday, December 5, 2022

Start Your Day Off With The Morning Fuel Podcast

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YORK – One York County family is helping to give local businesses a voice through their own company, The Morning Fuel Podcast. John Bundy started the podcast with his wife, Sarah, and daughter, Kimberly, to help with brand awareness and share stories of business owners and their purpose. Morning Fuel Podcast, which began in 2019, is currently in season two. John and his family have interviewed 47 business owners to date.

“We can help others by sharing their stories,” said Bundy in a recent interview. “What gets you up in the morning can be inspiring to others trying to do their own thing.”

Bundy started in podcasting after he and his daughter began assisting local businesses with their social media. A big part of doing business boils down to brand awareness, getting attention for what you do. Bundy believes podcasting is a great way to do just that, and that is why he started The Morning Fuel Podcast. He loves meeting new business owners and learning about what he calls their morning fuel and sharing that story with his audience. Though the focus of the podcast is on local businesses, his first podcast episode featured an author from Ohio. The heart of Morning Fuel was born shortly after that episode and the focus is now exclusively local.

Bundy’s wife and daughter are an integral part of the business of promoting others on the Morning Fuel podcast. His wife owns the business and is primary administrator, making guests feel at home and welcome in the studio. Bundy’s daughter is the lead creative and technical assistant. John Bundy is the host of the show and, as his wife said, “He’s got a face for radio.”

Podcasts have become popular during the covid-19 pandemic as a means for business owners to get the word out about what they do.

“Many folks think it is hard to start a podcast, but it is not,” said Bundy. “Don’t obsess over listenership, just do your best work, and have fun.

“Morning Fuel brings the show to your location, we record a podcast that is about you and your brand for free and share it with our podcast and social media family,” said Bundy. “Or you can come to our studio at our home.”

John Bundy said every business owner he has met has been inspiring. He has met people involved in a variety of fields, including journalists and photographers, home health care workers, and financial advisors. Currently, Bundy, who has an associate degree in Computer Art and Design, works at Dynamic Marketing Consultants, but eventually he would like to make the Morning Fuel Podcast his full-time job.

For more information on Bundy’s podcast including how to be a guest, visit

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