Experience History While You Enjoy A Cup of Coffee At Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters


YORK-The family-owned and operated coffeehouse Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters in Yorktown has been offering up coffee as well as history to its customers for roughly three years now.

Owners Celeste and Jo Gucanac first started the business back in 2007, and opened up in their current location after restoring the Historic Cole Diggs House, which was first built in 1726, on Main Street in Yorktown in 2018.

Celeste Gucanac believes, “You shouldn’t drink coffee just to drink it. You should drink coffee to love it.”

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters serves coffee, tea, wine, baked goods, lunch fare, and desserts. Its coffees come from around the world and are roasted every other day.

In addition, Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters offers various historic walking tours throughout Yorktown and Colonial National Historical Park including ghost tours. Mobjack’s historian is the only one in the area certified to give tours within The Colonial National Historical Park.

“It’s more about the experience we provide,” Celeste Gucanac said. “It’s so fun to be in this business. I feel like I don’t work.”

Mobjack Bay Coffee Roasters is open Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm, Friday, 9am to 5pm, and Saturday, 8am to 5pm. For more information, visit https://mobjackbaycoffee.com.