Thursday, June 24, 2021

New Charm School Now Open In Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG-A former professional model and teacher has opened up a new charm school for girls in Williamsburg.

Madame Pearline is founder and president of Williamsburg Charm and Associates, which is now accepting applicants.

“I attended a Caribbean modeling and production training center when I was nine-years-old,” Pearline said.  “I learned how to walk, talk, sit, and act like a lady. I decided a charm school would be rewarding and encouraging for young girls to be their best selves.”

Williamsburg Charm and Associates is designed for females ages 8 to 18, particularly those interested in future careers as models, actors, or dancers. Participants are trained by experts in the entertainment industry.

“Students will have access to opportunities and resources for professional placement,” Pearline said. “They will also experience teaching and coaching of personal development and personality growth. They will experience etiquette excellence, social graces, beauty, and much more.”

The charm school teaches basic manners including phone and computer etiquette; how to properly enter and exit a room; poise and posture; fine dining skills; and how to behave and speak in public.

In addition, students will learn how to build self-confidence, how to dress for success, and other basic health and beauty skills.

“My goal for the charm school is to be able to enhance, mold, and develop excellence for as many girls as possible in the community so that they can become successful, bold, and beautiful women,” Pearline said.

Williamsburg Charm and Associates is now accepting online applications for enrollment. For more information, visit or call 757-527-0446.

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