Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Worley’s Home Services Lends A Hand To Employee In Time Of Need

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YORK – Chuck Worley’s business philosophy is simple.

“Taking care of the employee will take care of the customer,” said the owner of Worley’s Home Services in York County, “because if you have a happy employee …”

He doesn’t need to finish the sentence.

Lacey Boyd, who works in accounts receivable, has been with the company less than a year, but could be one of Worley’s happiest – and most appreciative -employees. One month to the day after starting with the company, Boyd and her family lost nearly everything in a house fire. Within 24 hours, Chuck Worley and his son, Chase, the company’s vice president, donated $5,000 to the Boyds. They have since made additional donations.

“I was not shocked about their generosity because I know who they are as people,” Boyd said. “But, I was eternally grateful.”

Chuck Worley was at a conference in Arizona when he heard the news of the fire, but quickly called to tell her the company would be making a donation to use for the house or other family needs.

“He was one of the first phone calls that we got,” Boyd said.

Chuck Worley said part of the company’s mission is to donate ten percent of its annual net profits to local people in need, so a fund already was set in place.

“Anything from a single mom not being able to make her mortgage payment to, obviously, nothing like this has every happened before,” he said. “We were heartbroken for her.”

In her brief time with the company, Boyd has witnessed the company’s generosity, which includes matching donations for employees’ charitable donations.

“He cares about what is important to you,” she said. “He wants to invest in his people.”

The company’s generosity wasn’t limited to its leadership.

“It’s not just about Chase and I giving,” Chuck Worley said. “It’s about our whole company.”

Independent, and not aware, of what the owners were doing, fellow employees organized a fundraiser. The family received numerous gift cards.

“It was awesome,” Boyd said.

Said Chuck Worley: “We love the philosophy of generosity in our company.”

Boyd and her family, which includes her husband, two stepdaughters, a niece, and a dog, escaped the March 28 fire, but lost most of their belongings.

“We were able to save the things that can’t be replaced,” she said.

The house was a loss. They hope to move into their new house, built on the same lot in Newport News, in February. They have been renting a house in the same neighborhood since a month after the fire.

The previous home was ranch style and built in the 1960s. This one, which will be situated a little farther back on the lot, is two stories.

“It’s completely different,” Boyd said. “Nothing about it resembles the old house. I love it.”

It was more than monetary donations that helped Boyd. She said the company was flexible with her schedule, allowing her to work from home as she and her family got back on their feet.

“They give me a lot of grace,” she said. “And I think they give that to everyone who works here.”

Chuck Worley is proud his company emphasizes hiring the right people, who have character, integrity, and do the right thing.

“If you invest in the employee, I’m telling you …”

Again, there is no need for him to finish.

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