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Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia Returns November 25-26

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JAMES CITY-During the Thanksgiving holiday season, guests are invited to see how food was prepared in the 17th and 18th centuries when “Foods &Feasts of Colonial Virginia” returns on Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26. The event will take place at both Jamestown Settlement and The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.

“Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia is a great opportunity to explore the culinary traditions of our nation’s past and see if you can find common threads with our favorite feasts of today,” said Cindy Daniel, Jamestown-Yorktown living-history events manager. “You would be spoiled for choices. There were plenty of bleak times in history when supply chains failed and war brought scarcity, and I think it certainly amplifies the joy felt by early Virginians when things went right. Come and see period cooking during times of plenty, when the harvest was abundant, ships arrived on time, and the Quartermaster had every success.”

Jamestown Settlement will showcase how the Powhatan Indians and Virginia English Colonists gathered and prepared their food. At Paspahegh Town, visitors will see demonstrations of how the Powhatan Indians roasted venison, turkey, and game over open fires and vegetables like corn, beans and squash were cooked in clay pots. At the James Fort, guests will learn about the culinary skills the English brought to Virginia with open hearth cooking of pudding, pies, and pottage.

Meanwhile, at The American Revolution Museum Yorktown, visitors will see how the Continental Army earned their meager rations and produced soups, stews, pies, and breads from the nearby fields as well as how they preserved and stored goods during the winter months.

Jamestown Settlement is located at 2110 Jamestown Rd. The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is located at 200 Water St. in Yorktown. For more information on Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia, visit the event website.

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