Monday, December 5, 2022

The Village Doctor In Newport News Set To Close

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NEWPORT NEWS-The Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group (TPMG) has announced that The Village Doctor practice on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News will close in the New Year after more than 20 years.

The Village Doctor, located at 10234 Warwick Blvd., will close on January 31, 2023. Dr. John E. Brady, who’s been operating the practice solo, is leaving to assume a new administrative role with TPMG.

“I know this news will come as a shock to many of you, but please know this decision was as necessary as it was difficult,” Brady said in a statement to his patients in announcing the closure. “Family Medicine, even in a wonderful little practice, can be exhausting, and I am burning out. I feel compelled to step away from clinical medicine and focus on improving the larger healthcare system, so I have accepted an administrative role with TPMG as their new Chief Medical Officer for Population Health. I will be transitioning into that role over the next few months.”

Brady continued, “Though numerous attempts have been made to find a new physician to take over The Village Doctor, there has been no interest, and the practice will need to close.”

Patients with The Village Doctor with questions related to continued medical care, transcripts, or prescriptions are asked to call 757-223-0124.

To find other TPMG physicians who are accepting new patients, click here.

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