Wednesday, July 6, 2022

CountyMed DPC Opens its First Direct Primary Care Office in Yorktown

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YORK-A new medical practice has opened in York County.

CountyMed DPC, Yorktown’s first direct primary care office, opened its doors on June 1 with a ribbon cutting event. CountyMed aims to be today’s version of a family-friendly, neighborhood, small-town doctor.

The new practice offers concierge medicine and provides services in primary care and urgent care needs as well as telemedicine appointments. Monthly memberships are available.

CountyMed is owned and operated by Dr. Phi Lam, a board-certified physician with more than 15 years of medical experience in primary and urgent care.

“My goal for opening CountyMed DPC is to regain focus on the patient-doctor relationship,” said Lam. “Providing better care for fewer patients is the way medicine works best. The role of a primary care physician was always meant to encompass as much knowledge about each individual patient.”

CountyMed’s focus will be on prevention and early detection, and Lam will work with patients to develop individual wellness plans using the newest innovations in medical care.

Eventually, Lam would like to expand CountyMed’s services to include the medical spa fields of Botox, derm fillers, IV infusion therapy, and hormone replacement therapy if interest and popularity grows in these areas.

“I am honored to serve the local community, and I look forward to truly making a difference in the lives of my patients,” said Lam.

CountyMed is available for same day and next day appointments. The new business is located at 4600 George Washington Memorial Highway.

For more information on CountyMed DPC, call 757-500-8750, email, or visit its website.

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