Thursday, March 23, 2023

King of Clubs Brewing Company In Williamsburg Under New Ownership

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YORK-King of Clubs Brewing Company, a coffee roastery and kombucha brewery on Palace Lane, is now under new ownership.

Ellliott Schweickert, CEO of King of Clubs, officially took over the establishment in February 2022. Schweickert is also a pastor with the church The Living Room.

“I’ve been dreaming about having my own coffee shop for a while, so this really is a dream come true,” Schweickert said in an interview on May 12.

Schweickert grew up in Williamsburg and later spent some time in California, where he developed an appreciation for the West Coast coffee culture. Now he is hoping to bring the same vibe to Greater Williamsburg.

“Our mission to become a safe place where people can come for a cup of coffee and a conversation,” he said. “I am a people person. I like to connect with the heart of a person, and I think coffee is a way to do that.”

In addition to regular coffee, King of Clubs also sells cold brew coffee as well as kombucha.

“I would say those are the two most unique products we have,” Schweickert said. “Cold brew is one of the fastest growing coffees in the industry. More and more people are also discovering kombucha.”

King of Clubs Brewing Company is in the process of rebranding. The company sells its products at its location at 113 Palace Ln. Unit D as well as wholesale to various coffee shops and other vendors in the area. Eventually, the company would also like to expand to Richmond and the Southside.

“We are on a journey of discovery right now, and it’s been fun,” Schweickert said. “The goal is to continue to deliver high-level coffee to our consumers. I want us to become the best in the business. My dream is to be able to compete with Starbucks.”

For more information on King of Clubs Brewing Company, visit its website or Facebook page.

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