Monday, September 26, 2022

Governor Glenn Youngkin Shares His Views On Local Business And The Economy With Peninsula Chronicle

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After more than four months in office as the new leader of Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin shared his thoughts in a recent Q&A with the Editor of the Peninsula Chronicle regarding Virginia’s economy, issues related to inflation and rising gas prices, and his goals for helping local businesses rebound from the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic.

Peninsula Chronicle: What do you think are the biggest issues currently facing Virginia’s businesses?

Governor Glenn Youngkin: “As Virginia is open for business, Virginia businesses have been facing staffing shortages, increasing inflation, and rising costs. As governor, I am committed to lowering the costs of living, creating job opportunities, and fostering an excellent economic environment for all businesses.”

PC: What can be done to help mitigate the impacts of inflation and rising energy costs?

GY: “We see runaway inflation across Virginia and in order to address that we can eliminate the grocery tax, reduce gas prices, double our standard deduction, bring taxes down permanently, and provide the largest tax rebate in the history of Virginia. Virginians want to see teachers paid, they’re ready to see law enforcement is paid, that the mental health system challenges are addressed, and it requires a budget to do so. This is a very important package for Virginians and the legislators need to get this done.”

PC: What can be done to help businesses address the shortage of workers that they are currently experiencing?

GY: “During the pandemic, Virginia’s workforce shrunk as businesses were forced to shut down. Unfortunately, Virginia was ranked 44th in job recovery during the pandemic and was ranked as the 49th best state to start a business. As Virginia charts a path to normalcy and is open for business, we continue to improve our job recovery and opportunities throughout the commonwealth. My administration updated the Department of Labor rules, with support from the Democrats on the board, to cut red tape around required masking for employers.”

PC: What do you think are some of the strengths of the businesses in Hampton Roads?

GY: “The opportunities for business expansion in the Hampton Roads area are endless. I have had the pleasure of visiting great Hampton Roads businesses like Drone Up, which utilizes the location and workforce at its disposal to grow its drone business. All types of businesses would be well served to call Hampton Roads home.”

PC: What other goals do you have in mind for businesses while you are in office?

GY: “It’s my goal to grow 400,000 jobs to Virginia. By lowering taxes and cutting regulations, I know that we can make this a reality. Businesses in the commonwealth deserve every opportunity to succeed without the government standing in the way. We are already seeing some green shoots in workforce participation and we’re seeing some of those individuals return to the workforce.”

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