Friday, January 27, 2023

Hampton Yacht Club Applies For Marina Use Permit In Order To Expand

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HAMPTON—In 1996, the Hampton Yacht Club acquired a property at what was then 609 Bridge St. The yacht club subdivided the property and sold the portion containing a historic single-family home—known as the Richardson House—while retaining a vacant lot. The yacht club is now applying for a use permit to operate a marina on that space, which is now 4706 Victoria Blvd.

The Hampton Yacht Club has an active small boat sailing program, including a community-wide junior program, high school sailing program, and similar related activities. The club is requesting the right to extend the marina use designation to the vacant property to allow the small boat program to improve its outreach, training, and instructional activities, including boat regattas.

Although some residents in the area feel that allowing the use permit will block their view of the Hampton River, the Hampton Planning Commission is recommending approval of the permit under the following conditions:

  1. The location will be limited to marina use to the storing of crafts no greater than twenty feet in length on hand trucks. Trailers designed to be pulled behind vehicles shall not be stored on the site.
  2. Boats need to be kept a minimum of 30 feet from the front property line and a minimum of five feet from the southern property line.
  3. Security fencing, similar in design and construction to the six-foot architectural fencing located elsewhere on club property, is required. A continuous row of evergreen shrubs will be used to screen the property from the front of the property (Bridge Street).
  4. Buildings shall be limited to one building, not to exceed sixteen feet in height or 500 square feet in area.
  5. The yacht club does not anticipate adding a building, but if they do decide to do so later, it must be setback a minimum of 120 feet from the front property line.
  6. The area may be actively used, meaning accessing boats, holding events, or similar recreational use, from sunup to sundown, Monday through Sunday.
  7. The yacht club must comply with Hampton City Code with respect to sound or noise.

The application will next be reviewed by Hampton City Council before approval can be granted.

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