Thursday, October 6, 2022

New Indian Cuisine Takeout Restaurant Coming to Hampton

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HAMPTON—Hampton City Council recently voted to approve a zoning ordinance request to allow a new restaurant to take the place of Philly Jo, located at 1545 Briarfield Rd. in Hampton.

New owner Japan Jashi and his partner Nick Patel have not picked out a name for the new restaurant yet, but they will be serving takeout Indian food.

“It will all be takeout, no seating,” said Jashi. “We want to do something with an Indian taste to it, like panitikan marsala, and some curries with rice and bread, but we might do something American style like Philly cheesesteaks. The previous restaurant was called Philly Jo, and I want to keep something it was known for on the side.”

An opening date for the new restaurant has also not been established yet. Jashi would like to open quickly but understands there is currently a shortage of employees in addition to supply chain issues.

“I want to be open as soon as possible, but I want to make sure that everything is set up with our staff and we are in complete compliance with the city,” said Jashi.

The building was originally constructed as a single-family home, then converted into a restaurant and the city issued a grandfathered nonconforming use permit. After Philly Jo closed its doors, the building sat vacant for more than two years and the property lost its legal nonconforming status. A rezoning application was filed with the city on March 17, 2022, and Hampton City Council approved the rezoning application with certain conditions during a meeting on April 13. Some of the conditions include that the restaurant will not serve alcohol, have a drive-thru, and will update the parking lot.

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