Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Forward Safety Training LLC Provides Self-Protection Classes on the Peninsula

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Becky Mosbrucker celebrated her 30th year anniversary on February 2 as a radiation safety instructor with Jefferson Lab. She said her fluency in instruction and appreciation for safety has always come naturally to her throughout her career.

“I learned stuff the hard-knocks way, while in the deep crevices of very small buildings,” said Mosbrucker. “Because I’m 5’3″, I can maneuver around a lot of things.”

Mosbrucker started her passion project, Forward Safety Training LLC, four years ago. The women’s empowerment and situational awareness coach offers in-person courses, online programs, and workshops on various degrees of self-protection.

She said that a lot of folks are not prepared to defend themselves if confronted with a life-threatening situation. Mosbrucker discovered her pull toward working in self-protection and situational awareness through a casual invitation from a family member. While her daughter was working on a degree in criminal justice, she invited her mom to attend a 12-week class at the Newport News Police Station.

“She said it was a free class and various people from the police department would be in attendance to explain what they do,” said Mosbrucker. One day, the class visited a firing range, and, though Mosbrucker was always in tune with self-protection, she was never interested in firearms. She changed her mind after the class.

“When we went to the firing range, unbeknownst to us, there was a competition, and I won the competition,” she said. Her interest in self-protective devices, especially for women, was piqued and she started working with a nonprofit in Hampton Roads called The Well Armed Woman, teaching gun safety and situational awareness classes.

The Well Armed Woman grew in such popularity that Mosbrucker and her co-instructor decided to branch off and cover different areas in Hampton Roads, which led to the establishment of Forward Safety Training LLC on the Peninsula.

“Awareness incorporates being aware of many things: your surroundings, the food you eat, your fitness level. I guide people to be vigilant in their daily lives,” she said. In her introductory self-protection class, Mosbrucker introduces students to listening to their intuition, heightening observation skills, and paying attention to situational details.

Forward Safety Training LLC’s current roster includes stalking awareness, introductory self-protection, advanced self-protection, and handgun basics. She also teaches private lessons for those who opt for one-on-one instruction.

Mosbrucker will become an official author in March when “A Book I Read” is published. A compilation of various stories, each of the writers shares a detailed description of a book that has dramatically changed their lives.

“The book I wrote about was Do It Afraid by Joyce Meyer, which is exactly how I felt when I started this company. I marched forward and am so glad I did.” said Mosbrucker.

She will be available to talk with individuals about protectional devices from her booth at the Southeastern Guns and Knives Show from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, March 5, and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday, March 6, at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

Please click here for more information on Forward Safety Training LLC.

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