Monday, December 5, 2022

Lilac Lane DIY Studio in Yorktown Offers Arts, Crafts, and Fellowship

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YORK-Kim Kellogg initially opened Lilac Lane DIY studio in Hampton in March 2014. She signed a lease for her current storefront in the York Village Shopping Center in March 2020 during a time when many businesses were having to temporarily shut their doors due to covid-19.

Kellogg also ran a consignment shop from her storefront until the end of last year when she realized the momentum of the artistic side of her business was gaining speed. “The DIY portion of the business was where my passion was,” said Kellogg. “I took a hard look at where our sales were coming from and most were from DIY.”

She was forced to get creative with how she ran her business during the pandemic and has no regrets. “The one thing that changed the trajectory of my business was the pandemic, and it was in a positive way,” said Kellogg. As an entrepreneur, it really pushed me to build my business in an entirely different way. It allowed me to create different bonds with my customers.”

Instead of holding painting and crafting events at her shop, Kellogg offered recorded and livestreamed how-to video instruction and delivered the do-it-yourself art materials to customers’ homes. “Though some people would come to the shop to pick up their materials, I also drove all over Hampton Roads to deliver them,” said Kellogg. “We just worked out a system where I could help people continue to be creative in their own homes.”

Kellogg’s the type of person who receives self-satisfaction through helping others. “I’m super passionate about what I do and a lot of women that come to my shop view it as a sort of therapy,” said Kellogg. “It’s a way for them to unload what’s going on in their lives and take a break from reality.”

She said there are a lot of people who walk into her shop who believe they’re not creative or lack the talent to create a piece they can be proud of. “When they come in, sit down, and see how easy the process is going to be and then leave with something beautiful, it changes them,” said Kellogg. “It goes way beyond crafting, if I can get a woman in here that thinks ‘I’m not crafty,’ ‘I’m not creative,’ it changes her outlook in many areas of life where she says I’m not enough when she realizes she can do it.”

Kellogg believes channeling creativity has the power to kick-start a boost in self-worth. “For me, it goes beyond the door hanger, banner, or tiered tray set that someone paints and takes home,” said Kellogg. “It’s changing what might be a generational curse that said, ‘you’re not good enough.’ When people realize they can create something beautiful, it creates a whole new sense of self-confidence that begins to show up in other areas of their lives.”

The full-service DIY studio offers paint parties, DIY arts-and-crafts kits to go, monthly subscription art boxes, workshops, and special-event projects. Kellogg will be conducting a Valentine Date-Night Workshop at 7pm on Friday, February 11, at the studio. Lovebirds will create two coordinating signs together and share a decadent dessert. Seating is limited and reservations are required.

Located at 7330 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Suite D, in Yorktown, normal hours of operation are from 1pm to 7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and 11am to 7pm on Saturday. For more information on Lilac Lane DIY studio, visit or click here to check out their Facebook page.

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