Thursday, August 18, 2022

Business Donations Help Stock Habitat Restores In Newport News And Williamsburg

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The Habitat Restores in Williamsburg and Newport News continue to thrive not only through donations from homeowners but from local small businesses too. Several businesses donate to the Habit Restores on a routine basis.

“Whenever a small business donates to us, it’s huge,” said Jennifer Pye, procurement manager at the Habitat ReStores in Newport News and Williamsburg, in a statement. “They are taking a piece of their business, their blood sweat and tears, and giving it to us in support of our community. It can be easier to just throw things away or stick them on the curb. It means so much when they take the time to ensure it gets to our store.”

Among those businesses who frequently donate to the Habitat Restores are Whitt Corporation, The Junkluggers of Williamsburg, and Williamsburg Estate Services.

Whitt Corporation, a design/build construction firm in Williamsburg, often donates items for kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops, new sinks, vanities, and tile. The Junkluggers of Williamsburg and Williamsburg Estate Services donate furniture, housewares, and other items on a regular basis.

“One of my main goals in the business is to get as much back out into the world to be used as possible,” Williamsburg Estate Services owner Laura Kinsman said. “The ReStore helps us do that.”

Habitat Restores are located on Chatham Drive in Newport News and on Jamestown Road in Williamsburg. Businesses interested in donating to the Habitat Restores can contact Pye at Proceeds from Habitat Restores help Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg build homes in the community.

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