Holiday Illumination Companies Experience Business Surge


Hampton Roads’ holiday illumination companies say their popularity has tremendously increased due to the covid-19 pandemic. The spike is attributed to people staying home for the holidays and reassessing spending priorities.

“Business has been somewhere between crazy, insane, and awesome,” said Taylor Medlin, owner of LBL Christmas Lights in Newport News. He mentioned that fears of the unknown during the beginning of the pandemic were reduced once vaccinations became available and senses of comfort were restored.

“There are many factors, but I think covid has reshaped the hustle and bustle of the American way,” said Medlin. “People are valuing their home and time spent with family at a higher rate than before the pandemic.”

Ramone Jones, owner of Tidewater Christmas Lights in Hampton, is experiencing the same boom in business and said customers were calling him in July to ensure their holiday lighting would be installed prior to the holidays.

“Instead of going on vacation, a lot of people thought ‘let’s bring our Christmas here and decorate the house,'” said Jones. “Also, with all the negativity that’s been going around these past few years, I think a lot of people are looking for holiday lighting to brighten their lives and bring them to their happy place.”

Medlin added that the illumination industry is affected by the supply chain issues that other businesses are experiencing. “We’re heavily dependent on China for lights, and we’re seeing the same kind of supply issues we experienced with toilet paper during 2020,” said Medlin.

Holiday lighting services offered by Tidewater Christmas Lights and LBL Christmas Lights include installation, light replacement and guarantees as well as light removal at the end of the season.

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