Friday, December 2, 2022

Healthy Solutions Available At Williamsburg Drug Company

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WILLIAMSBURG-The Williamsburg Drug Company has been assisting in the health of its community since 1895. Current owner and pharmacist Thomas “T.W.” Taylor came aboard in 2017 and takes pride in the wide range of services offered at its two locations.

Williamsburg Drug Company offers one-on-one consultations to identify the root cause of patients’ underlying health issues, and then offers tailored solutions. “The fundamentals for good health are nutrition and exercise,” said Taylor. “Through functional testing, we’ve found ways to identify, individually, what’s keeping you from being your healthiest, and we fix that.”

Pharmacy compounding, or the preparation of a customized dosage form and/or medication to meet an individuals’ needs, is made onsite through their two fully accredited labs. Because of the growing number of people and animals that have unique health needs, a one-size-fits-all medication doesn’t work for some.

For some patients, customized medications are the only reliable path to better health. In addition to many local pets, the company’s team also assists in animal care at Busch Gardens. “From eagles to wolves, we draw blood and do urine, stool, and saliva testing,” said Taylor. As pharmacists, they’re versed in the complexity of biochemistry.

Pharmacist Deborah Prosek visited Capitol Hill earlier in November with other members of Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding and Professional Compounding Centers of America to speak with Congress about the importance and safety of compounding medications.

“We go to Capital Hill to let them know our patients’ stories so that they don’t legislate us out because big pharma is always trying to put us out of business,” said Prosek. “They want everyone to use commercial products.”

Prosek said many children can’t take regularly prescribed commercial medicines due to allergies and other individual issues. “A lot of autistic children are very sensitive to textures, so they rely on compounders,” said Prosek.

Williamsburg Drug Company has been highly visible throughout Hampton Roads during the pandemic and has administered more than 14,000 covid-19 vaccines. “We rented an RV and visited low-income housing areas, homeless shelters, Anheuser-Busch, Jefferson Lab, and other local companies,” said Taylor. They’ve also partnered with Williamsburg-James City County and York County public school systems and will soon be providing the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine to children ages 5 to 11.

Williamsburg Drug Company offers professional-grade supplements to its customers. There’s a wide variation in quality among many dietary supplements found in chain drug stores. Professional-grade supplements deliver the intended product without the use of unnecessary fillers, allergens, or additives.

“We carry professional-grade, third-party-tested supplements because about 80 percent of over-the-counter supplements are not what they say they are,” said Taylor. “Ours actually work, and we handpick them from the best companies.”

The company offers home health equipment and products at its location on McLaws Circle. Equipment is available for patients facing temporary and long-term recuperation. Many items are rentable and financing is available.

Williamsburg Drug Company is located at 1310 Jamestown Rd. and 240 McLaws Circle #147 in Williamsburg. For more information about their many health services, click here.

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