Thursday, March 23, 2023

Funnel Cakes Galore & More Now Open At Patrick Henry Mall

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NEWPORT NEWS-Funnel Cakes Galore & More, which first opened temporarily in the food court of Patrick Henry Mall in August, will now have a permanent space at the mall. In addition, the business plans to expand and open a second location in the MacArthur Center in Norfolk by Thanksgiving.

Funnel Cakes Galore & More is a family-run operation owned by Jennette Smith and her children, Johnathan Hopkins and Shameka Hopkins. The family began the business as a food truck, providing services to schools and businesses in North Carolina and, later, in Newport News and Williamsburg. The business has been in operation for more than a year.

Shameka Hopkins is the one who first came up with the idea to serve funnel cakes.

“Whenever, I go to a carnival or festival, the first thing I look for is the funnel cakes,” she said.

The business specializes in gourmet funnel cakes and currently offers nine different varieties. The most popular is the strawberry cheesecake galore, which is served with powdered sugar and a cheesecake on top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries all topped with strawberry drizzle.

In addition, Funnel Cakes Galore & More sells deep-fried Oreos, deep- fried Twinkies, deep-fried Honey Buns, candy apples, and other items.

“Our slogan is carnival foods at your fingertips,” Johnathan Hopkins said. “People love the deep-fried Oreos. We sell as much of those as we do the funnel cakes. The candy apples are also in high demand. My mom does a great job with those. She makes them from scratch.”

Funnel Cakes Galore & More also plans to expand its menu offerings and add nachos, churros, turkey legs, and other carnival staples. Another ambition is to one day franchise the business.

“What we sell is very unique,” Shameka Hopkins said. “You can’t really find stuff like this anywhere else. We are enjoying what we are doing. I love the reaction of people’s faces when they see one of our funnel cakes. It’s priceless.”

Funnel Cakes Galore & More is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sunday noon to 6pm.

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