Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Moms Need Help Too Assists New Mothers Every Step of the Way

NEWPORT NEWS-Nikole Vincent established Moms Need Help Too seven years ago after giving birth to her third child. Experienced with what to expect before childbirth, she had her support system on speed dial ready to jump in and assist with caring for her two younger children while she was in the hospital.

Her water broke at 2am. When she reached out for assistance, nobody answered her calls. “I never envisioned having my two younger children in the hospital room with me while I gave birth,” said Vincent. “I took that kind of hard. To me, your word is your bond.”

After giving birth, Vincent held down the fort while her husband returned to work. She hadn’t suffered from post-partum depression in the past and was alarmed when she felt overwhelmed caring for her family. Healing from childbirth, breastfeeding, and acclimating with her newborn became too much in addition to caring for the rest of her family.

“It was a very dark time, and I started falling into a depression,” said Vincent. She said that she received a calling from her higher power to assist new mothers who were going through similar situations.

She quickly obtained her business license and insurance and set out on a mission to spread the word. Since establishment, her company has assisted more than 50 families. Vincent currently employs 12 vetted and certified caregivers and is looking to onboard more.

Her company offers new-mother concierge and childcare services within the home. “I’m passionate about serving new mothers and their families,” said Vincent. “My team is determined to leave each family with a sense of ease and reassurance that they are not alone during the most treasured time in a parent’s life.”

Moms Need Help Too supplies sitters, nannies, lifestyle managers, and overnight care. Lifestyle managers assist new mothers during their healing process upon returning home with a newborn. “They assist new moms hand and foot as they’re literally lying in bed or resting from childbirth,” said Vincent.

Sitters keep children occupied through play and activities, provide meals and ensure overall well-being while the parents are away. Nannies keep the home neat and tidy, handle children’s laundry, and provide attentive and interactive childcare. Nannies also transport children to and from activities, grocery shop, and plan a daily schedule.

Services range in price and are decided upon after a consultation. “We want new moms to know that it’s okay to ask for help,” said Vincent. “We weren’t put on this Earth to handle things alone. We’re here to assist with a new mom’s transition, as well as the rest of her family.”

For more information on Moms Need Help Too, please click here.

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