Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Masala Craft Indian Kitchen Starts From Scratch During Pandemic

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WILLIAMSBURG — The Arora family opened Masala Craft Indian Kitchen in May after they were laid off from their previous places of employment due to the covid-19 pandemic. Shaveta Arora said she and her parents started hearing from longtime customers who they had built relationships with through their previous careers.

“People began reaching out to us on Facebook saying that they missed seeing us and asking if we were okay,” said Shaveta Arora. “That’s what encouraged us to open up our own business. In a time of darkness, this was a blessing in disguise.”

The family used creative wordplay when deciding upon a name for their restaurant. The word “masala” means spices in Hindi. And “craft” has a twofold meaning for the family. Shaveta’s father, Avinash, is very traditional when it comes to his spice blends, and Shaveta compliments his dishes with experimental flair. While Shaveta and her father do most of the cooking, Arora said her mother, Neeta, “is the engine that keeps everything going.”

The Aroras are as passionate about their cuisine as they are about bringing friends and family together at the dinner table. “This isn’t just a business, it’s our home,” said Arora. “Our guests have become like family.”

Masala Craft Indian Kitchen’s lunchtime menu offers entrees such as cashew korma, vindaloo, and ghar ki subzi. Entrees come with a side of naan or basmati rice and a choice of house salad or soup of the day. Dinner classics are served with a protein of choice and basmati rice.

The restaurant is located at 5223 Monticello Ave., Suite E, across from Starbucks in the Courthouse Commons shopping plaza. They are open for lunch and dinner throughout the week and closed for lunch on Tuesdays. For more information, visit www.masalacraftva.com.

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