Upgraded Newport News Waterworks Payment Portal Launching


NEWPORT NEWS—Newport News Waterworks is upgrading their payment system to create a more user-friendly online experience for customers. Beginning November 1, customers can utilize the new system, which offers top-of-the-line security, easy-to-use account management tools and enhanced service options.

For security purposes, the credit and debit card information from the existing portal will not roll over into the new system. Customers who signed up for autopay using the old system must go into the new portal to re-enroll. Customers who do not re-enroll by Friday, October 29 will be automatically unenrolled from auto pay and your monthly auto bill pay will be stopped. This doesn’t automatically mean late fees will accrue, it just means you will need to log in or send monthly payments. Customers can access the new portal via the Newport News Waterworks website.