Gloucester County Utilities Disconnect Moratorium Will End In January


Due to financial hardships that impacted families and businesses because of the covid-19 pandemic, the Virginia General Assembly passed a moratorium on utilities service disconnections in the commonwealth.

Though the freeze ended in August 2021, Gloucester County Public Utilities Department will resume disconnect procedures in January 2022. Residents who owe a balance are encouraged to contact the department and sign up for a repayment plan. Customers opting for a payment plan are required to enroll before the cutoff date of December 15.

“We understand that the pandemic impacted many local families and businesses, and the board of supervisors felt that it was important to give residents continued relief throughout the end of 2021,” said Chris Dawson, director of Gloucester County Public Utilities, in a release.  “With disconnection procedures resuming in January 2022, our hope is to get this information out early so that our customers can reach out to our department and get on a payment plan to help bring their accounts up to date.”

Residents and businesses interested in setting up a repayment plan may do so at, or call the Public Utilities office at 804-693-4044.