Monday, May 23, 2022

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The Prescription Shoppe Owner Pens First Book

JAMES CITY-Dr. Jade L. Ranger, co-owner of The Prescription Shoppe in Courthouse Commons on Monticello Avenue, has released a book about her entrepreneurial journey.

The book, entitled “Mustard Seed Mentality,” is described as part self-help, part memoir. It focuses on Ranger’s trek toward opening her own small business with her husband, Henry, and is also meant to inspire other women.

The book is “a mixture of lessons that I’ve learned along the way, and an invitation to have more candid conversations,” Ranger shared on her social media page.

In “Mustard Seed Mentality,” Ranger shares faith-based tips on how to live a healthy life while balancing career and motherhood, touching upon the struggles of “Super Woman Syndrome,” and how to cope with daily stressors “that are often amplified for women of color.”

The book, which was released September 9, is available on Amazon and at other major book retail stores. For more information, click here.

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