Monday, May 23, 2022

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Building Relationships Is Key To Business Success

WILLIAMSBURG-The Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the YJCW NAACP Branch and SCORE Mentors, hosted an inclusive business conversation event for the community on October 20 featuring four Greater Williamsburg area minority business leaders.

The panelists included Alex Frazier, owner of Tipsy Beans Café and All Trade Construction and Landscaping; Ti’juana Gholson, owner of TAG Consulting, the MAXIMUM Building and Work Nimbly; Dr. Jade Ranger, co-owner of The Prescription Shoppe (see related story); and Dr. Jorge Yinat, an educator and management consultant and SCORE mentor. Beck G, principal and senior publicist for Beck’s Management Public Relations moderated the event, which was held at the downtown Williamsburg Regional Library.

All of the panelists agreed that networking, connecting, and building strong, meaningful professional relationships with employees, clients, small business owners, and others in the community is vital to growing a business.

“Building relationships is everything in business,” said Gholson. “A lot of my success is because of the people who surround me. I’ve learned to hire people smarter than me.”

Taking a personal interest in employees, valuing them, and supporting and assisting them so they can grow will in turn grow a business, Frazier added.

“I take care of my employees so they’ll take care of me,” he said.

Applying the Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated is also beneficial in business.

“If you are a genuine person and give off good vibes, people will come back to you,” Ranger said.

Conversation also centered on challenges in business as well as how to not only hire but also retain qualified, talented workers. When it comes to inclusivity, Yinat offered a few traits that business owners should have in order to be more effective leaders, including a visible commitment; humility; an awareness of their own biases; a curiosity in others; culture intelligence; and effective collaboration.

The panelists also agreed that a willingness to take risks, think outside of the box, and step out of one’s comfort zone is also important for growing a business.

“If you want your business to be successful, you have to put yourself out there,” Ranger said.

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