Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Jefferson Lab Inspires Local Superhero-Themed Beer

NEWPORT NEWS-Tradition Brewing Company and Jefferson Lab are located just mere blocks from each other. So, when scientists, engineers, technicians, and other lab employees began frequenting the brewery after work, interest among Tradition staff piqued.

The science conducted at Jefferson Lab, a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory, focuses on the building blocks of matter. These studies often focus on quarks, which are found inside the atom’s protons and neutrons.

As brewery staff learned more about the lab down the street, they became inspired by its science, technology, and the people who make it happen. In honor of the lab’s research, Tradition began planning a series of lab-inspired beers. The study of quarks at the lab influenced the name of a debut brew.

Quark Kent is brewed using Galaxy and Simcoe hops, which feature stone fruit nuances such as peach and apricot. The Australian hop, Galaxy, brings juiciness and a citric zing, while the lesser amount of Simcoe hops, grown in Washington state, balances out the fruity profile with an essence of earthy pine. The hazy IPA product, aptly named Quark Kent, is a nod to the superconducting radiofrequency science performed at the lab.

“We love to brew beer that has local inspiration and comradery at its core,” said Abbie Brehm, a brewer at Tradition Brewing Company. “Jefferson Lab is such an integral institution in our city, our state, and worldwide that we believe everyone involved deserves to kick back at the end of the day and enjoy a beer that has been dedicated to their hard work.”

Quark Kent will be made available to the public on Friday, October 22, at Tradition Brewing Company, starting at noon. All Jefferson Lab employees will receive discounts with proper identification. The brewery is located at 700 Thimble Shoals Boulevard in Newport News. The brew may also be found after that date in stores locally where craft beer is sold.

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