Thursday, March 23, 2023

Williams Public Safety Solutions Offers Situational Awareness Specialist Training

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YORK-Scott S. Williams, founder of Williams Public Safety Solutions, will hold the company’s first Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) certification class on October 23 in partnership with Arcuri Group LLC of Tampa, FL.

The certification program is currently offered in 57 countries with a growing certificate base, making Arcuri Group a leader in situational awareness instruction. SAS is composed of professionals from various nations, backgrounds, and cultures. Williams teaches the Arcuri Group method in Virginia and surrounding states.

The program is intended to teach individuals the art of situational awareness and handling random and potentially dangerous events. “We’re trying to get people to think three dimensionally when it comes to personal and workplace safety,” said Williams.

His techniques assist individuals and companies with rethinking their workplace culture during times of tension. “It’s all about de-escalating the situation,” said Williams.

Williams worked with security at Kroger during the beginning of the store’s mask mandate and assisted employees when confronted with challenges.

“We had people who were upset that they had to wear a mask in the store, and we had to think outside the box,” he said. “We de-escalated the situation by offering tablets for people to order with from their cars and brought their groceries out to them.”

Williams retired from the Newport News Police Department as a watch commander after 25 years of service in 2016. “This is the psychological training that police officers and soldiers receive,” said Williams. “We want to share the techniques with the public to give them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to protect themselves in potentially threatening events.”

A former director of public safety and chief of police at Hampden-Sydney College, he hopes to work with more schools in addition to individuals and businesses.

Williams teaches that crime follows the path of least resistance and stresses the importance of making yourself a hard target while observing environments with the purpose of identifying potential safety threats.

He’s hopeful individuals will take the knowledge they glean from his class and share it with their loved ones, neighbors, and coworkers. “Generally, people who live in New York have a lot more street smarts than people who live in Poquoson, for example,” said Williams. “What we want to do is bring that street smarts and spread it locally,”

The class will be held from 10am to 2:30pm, Saturday, October 23 at Hampton Fraternal Order of Police, 36 Wine St., Hampton. The cost is $185 per person in advance, or $200 the day of the event.

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