Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Virginia Choral Society Brings Back In-Person Concerts

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NEWPORT NEWS—The Virginia Choral Society presents its first in-person concert series in nearly two years as it kicks off its 91st season. Titled “Things That Go Bump In The Night,” the concert features a variety of music that explores the night—both the beautiful side and the scary side—from classic music and Broadway, to Hollywood and Harry Potter.

Under the artistic direction of Dr. Bryson Mortensen, the chorus will perform standard pieces and unique arrangements, along with crowd pleasers like “Double Trouble” from Harry Potter, “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd,” and “The Monster Mash!” The title piece is Alexander’s three-part work, which composers describe as “a humorous and courageous journey from dusk to dawn” that offers a “light-hearted spin on our imagined fears.”

Advance tickets are available for $16, or $15 for seniors, military, or students, and can be purchased on the Virginia Choral Society’s website. Tickets at the door are $20/$18. Children under 9 are free.

The first concert will be held on October 8, beginning at 7:30pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 6812 River Road in Newport News. The concert is subject to CDC and commonwealth guidelines, meaning masks and social distancing are required.

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