Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Find Something Unique For Your Home At Joni’s Consign & Design

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JAMES CITY-Joni Spangler, owner of the consignment shop Joni’s Consign and Design in the Colony Square Shopping Center on Jamestown Road, is one business owner who decided to turn a long-time hobby into a job.

“I’m one of those people who loves shopping consignment stores, thrift stores, and hitting yard sales on Saturday mornings,” she said. “I call myself a borderline hoarder. So, I decided to turn my hobby into a business.”

Looking for something new to do, she opened her store six years ago. Since then, she has expanded the business into an adjacent space. Joni’s Consign & Design specializes in a variety of items for the home.

“Williamsburg has such a diverse population, but I think everyone will discover a ‘find’ in Joni’s,” Spangler said. “We carry high-end furniture and décor, a variety of antiques, including primitive, some contemporary, a bit of retro, lots of odds and ends, some shabby chic, and a wee bit of funky.”

Her favorite aspect of the job is the people and the pieces she encounters on a daily basis.

“I meet a lot of cool people, and I have learned a lot about furniture and art over the years,” she said. “We bring new things in daily, so I hope we will continue to have a lot of regulars and familiar faces. I want people to enjoy visiting and spending time in the store.”

Another part of her business is helping customers organize and downsize their homes. So, if you need assistance with organizing, downsizing, buying, or selling home furnishings, don’t forget about Joni’s Consign & Design.

Consignors are welcome to bring in up to five items between 3pm and 5pm Monday through Thursday. Consignors with a larger quantity will need to schedule an appointment. For additional information, visit

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