Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Hampton City Council Recognizes Summer Business Institute

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HAMPTON—The Hampton City Council added a special session to their normal docket on Wednesday, September 22 to recognize the value of the Academies of Hampton’s City Schools Summer Business Institute.

At the opening of the special session, Mayor Donnie Tuck called upon Brian Marchese, Outreach and Creative Coordinator of Marketing INC, who presented information on the various Hampton City Schools’ Summer Business Institutes. These institutes provide a great and unique opportunity that Hampton City Schools offers its students in an authentic, real-world business challenge where students, through teamwork, collaboration, research, and on-site visits, design, and develop a solution to address a specific business challenge.

The opportunity allowed student teams to work directly with local businesses and industry partners over the summer. The 2021 Summer Business Institute was offered to rising juniors and seniors. From July 9 to August 5, 2021, students participated in the challenge for their 2021–2022 selected academy.

Over the course of four weeks, students worked with their assigned employer to address an authentic challenge faced by the business. Students created a product, then presented it to the participating business partner. Each challenge-based learning experience was correlated to the academic and technical curriculum of its related career academy, and demonstrated the integration of academic, technical, and research skills in creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication in career exploration.

At the ceremonial session, businesses and industry partners that worked with Hampton students through the Summer Business Institute were presented with awards from members of City Council for their valuable input and mentoring, including:

  • Bethel High School—Executive Principal Ralph Saunders (not in attendance) and Extended Learning Coordinator Miya Sumpter
  • Governor’s Health Science Academy “Vaccination Nation”—Yvonne Young, CEO, Professional Technical Learning Center, LLC
  • Academy of Law and Public Safety “Crime Files”—Sergeant Eric Rummel, Community Engagement Unit, Hampton Police Division
  • Academy of Media Arts and Sciences “MAD about Business”—Erica Spencer, Senior Business Development Manager, Small Business/Workforce Development, City of Hampton Economic Development
  • Hampton High School—Executive Principal Shameka Pollard (not in attendance) and Extended Learning Coordinator Lonnette Heckstall (not in attendance)
  • Academy of Health, Human and Financial Services “On My Own, Earning My Way”— Kenita Ricks, VersAbility (not in attendance)
  • Maritime Academy “Shore to Sail”—Rosemary Hobart, Youth Sailing Virginia
  • Kecoughtan High School—Dr. Violet Whiteman Executive Principal (not in attendance) and Sharyna Smith, Extended Learning Coordinator (not in attendance)
  • Academy of Teaching, Education, and Learning “The Little Genius”—Vondella Gregory, Executive Director and Sherry Custis, Program Director, Downtown Hampton Child Development Center (not in attendance)
  • Academy of Entrepreneurship and Information Design “Collaborate to Make It”—Shannen Atkinson, Business Manager, Gather, Inc.
  • On-Stage Performing Arts “Behind the Scenes”—David Messic, Owner, Rainbow Puppets
  • Phoebus High School—James Harris, Executive Principal (not in attendance) and Tina Jackson, Extended Learning Coordinator
  • Academy of Hospitality and Tourism “Turn up the Heat”—Stephanie Rolla, Owner, Sinful Treats (not in attendance)
  • Academy Digital Video Production “A Brand New Story”—Kathy Yevak, General Manager, SKY-4 TV
  • Joint Project—Hampton High School and Phoebus High School Academy of Technology and Engineering/Academy of Cybersecurity, Engineering & Robotics “Breathe Easy” – Dr. John Olson, Campus President and Chris Frizel, Instructor, ECPI
  • Joint Project—Kecoughtan High School and Bethel High School Governor’s STEM Academy of Architecture, Environment, and Engineering/Academy of Transportation, Analytics, Information
  • Logistics Academy “Drone Soar”—Queen Crittenden (not in attendance) and Angela Parsley, Education Coordinator, Virginia Department of Transportation

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