Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Start Peninsula Announces Third Round of Finalists In Micro Pitch Competition

NEWPORT NEWS- On September 16, the third round of finalists for the 2021 Start Peninsula Micro Pitch Competition was revealed.

The finalists include Bonilla Pet Studio, a photo studio for pets; LetsVidya, which assists organizations with connecting with their teams and clients at a time when social interactions are limited and challenging due to the covid-19 pandemic and people being unable to meet face-to-face; and NerdFlex, which helps eliminate the stigma that “nerds” don’t want to be healthy or fit. NerdFlex targets those who attend events such as Comic con with a focus on fitness and health options.

Each finalist received a $500 prize and will move on to the final competition of Start Peninsula’s micro pitch competition on Wednesday, November 3. The next round of competition will take place on Wednesday, October 6.

Start Peninsula is a partnership with Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, James City, and York that helps promote new entrepreneurs through funding, mentorship, and networking. Business ideas are pitched during the early stages and then the organization connects those with a product or service to other business leaders and mentors.

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