Newport News Waterworks To Resume Non-Payment Cutoffs


NEWPORT NEWS—In March of 2020, Newport News Waterworks suspended all service disconnections, except for customer requests and repairs, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This was done so customers did not need to worry about losing service during the challenges presented by the pandemic. 

Starting in January 2022, Newport News Waterworks will resume its normal policy of disconnecting water service for residential customers who are more than 60 days past due on their accounts. The commonwealth’s moratorium on residential utility cut-offs expired on August 30, 2021. Waterworks is choosing to continue to pause residential service disconnections until January 2022 so residents who are behind in their bills can make extended payment arrangements or access financial assistance. Commercial/industrial cut-offs will resume in October 2021.

Residents and small business owners facing past due utility bills as a result of the covid-19 pandemic may be eligible for assistance through the Municipal Utility Relief Program. Hampton Roads water and wastewater utilities created the program using Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. To date, Waterworks has disbursed more than $2.3 million to eligible customers. There are no additional fees, interest, or other charges to enroll in a payment plan or to receive relief funds.

For information on the Municipal Utility Relief Program and how to apply for assistance, customers should contact Waterworks Customer Service at 757-926-1000.