Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Second Broadband Service Provider Approved For Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG-On September 9, Williamsburg City Council unanimously approved a franchise agreement with Shenandoah Cable Television LLC (Shentel) to provide additional broadband services to city residents and businesses.

The agreement now allows for Internet, television, and phone service competition in Williamsburg. For years, Cox Communications has been the sole provider.

Shentel will install a 100 percent fiber network, a type of broadband that is currently unavailable in Williamsburg, which will offer Internet, television, and phone service.  Fiber-optic technology allows data to be sent at faster speeds than other kinds of broadband connections.

Construction will begin in roughly 9-12 months, with installation continuing for about two years. The infrastructure is built in a way that will allow for future upgrades to multi-gigabit speeds. Williamsburg’s agreement with Shentel is for ten years with one five-year extension.

 “Offering competition for Internet, television, and phone service is good for our residents and businesses,” Williamsburg Mayor Douglas Pons said in a statement. “High-speed Internet has become a necessary utility. With more than one option, consumers should see lower costs for their broadband service in the near future.”

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