Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Williamsburg Residents Eligible For Additional Help Through The Municipal Utility Relief Program

WILLIAMSBURG-Williamsburg residents and small business owners who previously received funds through the Municipal Utility Relief Program are eligible to receive additional relief.

The Municipal Utility Relief Program aids citizens with overdue water and sewage bills by providing direct assistance to customer accounts more than 30 days in arrears during the covered period of March 1, 2020 through November 1, 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic. Those who are eligible to receive this funding must use it only to pay past-due water and sewer bills and no other utilities.

The city of Williamsburg waived penalties and temporarily halted disconnections for overdue water and sewage bills throughout the pandemic. Penalties and disconnections will resume starting Monday, November 1.

Applications for the program will be accepted now through October 31, or until funds are depleted. Forms can be found online or in the entryway of the city of Williamsburg’s Municipal Building at 401 Lafayette Street.

Williamsburg is funding the program through federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act money that it received in December 2020.

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