Monday, May 16, 2022

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Ferguson Introduces Collection Of Virtual Conference Backgrounds

NEWPORT NEWS—Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery wants to give people some time back in their day. With a virtual background they can add to online meeting platforms, people now don’t have to worry about the state of their home or whether the dishes are put away or the laundry is folded. Ferguson has developed a photo library that everyone can download and use in their next video call.

Ferguson was recently one of several companies featured in a New York Times article, The Case for Scheduling Everything. Taylor Trudon, a Brooklyn-based journalist, explored how associates want more control over their time, even as some return to physical office space. She asked the question, “What if the secret is a calendar full of meetings as well as ‘me’ time?”

As people return to the physical office and kids return to the classroom, people continue to use video calls to add convenience to over-scheduled lives. While Zoom and Teams provide a flexible way to connect with work, school, family, and friends, keeping homes camera-ready at all times can be an added stressor. When people use a Ferguson virtual background, a dream home becomes a reality in seconds.

To access the gallery, visit–lighting-gallery-shares-collection-of-virtual-conference-backgrounds. Choose the background(s) you would like to use and download it to your desktop.

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