Future of Bellissimo Pizza Café In Williamsburg Uncertain Following Owner’s Passing


YORK-Bellissimo Pizza Café on Mooretown Road in the Victory Village shopping center remains closed following the passing of owner and operator Peter Micali in early August.

Micali, a native of Sicily, passed away on August 5. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 9 and started in the restaurant industry at the age of 17.

A resident of Williamsburg since 2001, Micali first opened the family-owned Bellissimo Pizza Café in 2007 and ran the business with his wife, Lucille, and their son, Peter. The establishment has been a long-time favorite among locals for its New York Style pizza, Italian dishes, and desserts.

Following his father’s passing, Micali’s son shared on social media that he was unsure what the future holds for Bellissimo Pizza Café. On August 22, in a separate post, he stated that a reopening of the café has been delayed due to a lack of workers.

“I do miss making pizza,” Micali’s son said, but, “I have no employees at the moment. If you know anyone who has worked in food service and is looking for work, send them my way. I’ll even train someone who’s inexperienced. As long as they can hustle, as my dad would say.”