Friday, December 9, 2022

Hampton Roads Private Picnics Wants You To Take It Outside

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HAMPTON—When it comes to picnics, you don’t necessarily need a special occasion. But if someone wants to make an outing extra incredible, they might want a little help from the people behind Hampton Roads Private Picnics.

The idea for a luxury picnic company came to owner Jessica King after putting together a special event for a friend who was getting engaged. King has always enjoyed putting together extra touches that have helped make events for family and friends special, so she decided to turn the idea into a working model.

“People kept telling me I should do this as a business,” said King. “My daughter went off to college last year and I lost my mom last August, so I decided it was time to take that energy and put it into something good.”

The company launched earlier this year and has been a huge success. Anyone interested in a special event for an engagement, birthday, wedding, reunion, romantic date, gender reveal party, or other occasion can start with a basic package, then add on additional luxuries based on what they’d like to achieve.

Hampton Roads Private Picnics can be set up at local parks or beaches, or in the privacy of the client’s backyard. They can serve parties from 2 to 30, and King works with a professional chef from Virginia Beach if food is going to be a focal point of the event.

“I’m not a franchise, so it’s been a great learning process,” said King. “In the beginning, I just started out with fruit or meat and cheese trays and flowers, but as I’ve grown, I’ve come to know what the customers in this area wanted and asked for repeatedly. I’m adding those things to my list of services permanently, but if a client wants something specific, I can make it happen. I enjoy doing that because hopefully it’ll help them remember the day for the rest of their lives.”

Portable hammock? Cornhole boards? Photographer/Videographer? Wine tasting? King is up for any challenge. She does admit that she could occasionally use some extra help though. “This is actually a great opportunity for single moms or students looking to make some extra money because of the downtime between setting up and breaking down a luxury picnic event,” she said. “So, if you need to take the kids to a ball game or want some time to study for a test, that window is open. I’ve had some people do DoorDash in between or just go to the beach for a break.”

In the near future, King is anticipating adding clear “tents” that can hold warm or cool air to help extend the picnic season into the months when the weather is less cooperative. “We’re going to be able to do some ‘glamping’ kind of things where we’ll be able to set up a picnic in someone’s backyard, then transform it to where you’ll be able to sleep outside in a tent but actually see the stars,” said King. “And hopefully we’ll be able to grow and continue to add other cool new things in the future.”

Interested parties should visit to get a flavor for what’s available, then contact King to talk through the details. Those interested in employment opportunities should call King at 757-561-3022.

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