Sunday, September 26, 2021

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New Canned Cocktails And Spirits Coming To An ABC Store Near You

Customers visiting their local Virginia Alcoholic Control (ABC) stores can expect to see a fresh lineup of 36 new canned cocktails, spirits, and mixers. These new products span a variety of spirits including bourbon, cordials, gin, moonshine, tequila, rum, scotch, tonic, vodka, and vermouth. New products were selected from around the world, but eight of them are made right here in Virginia, including:

–                 Lost Whiskey High Rye Straight Bourbon

–                 Lost Whiskey High Wheat Straight Bourbon

–                 Reverend Spirits Bourbon Whiskey

–                 Coastal Cocktails Cranberry Vodka 4-Pack

–                 Coastal Cocktails Orange Crush Vodka 4-Pack

–                 Navy Hill Juniper Soda + Tonic 4-Pack

–                 Navy Hill Soda + Tonic 750ml (not a new product, but a larger sized bottle)

–                 Virginia Highland Cider Cask Whiskey

“While we bring in products from across the U.S. and other countries, we are lucky to have a robust spirits industry with great products here in Virginia, too,” said Virginia ABC’s Chief Executive officer Travis Hill. “We hope customers enjoy this quarter’s selection of new products and try something new this summer.”

Customers can see a full list of new products and shop online at

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