Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Williamsburg Woman Helps Spread Kindness Through Lasagna

WILLIAMSBURG-One Williamsburg woman is helping spread kindness throughout the community through the nationwide movement Lasagna Love.

Laura Pittman, a mother of two and director of the Kid’s Morning Out program at Williamsburg United Methodist Church, first became involved with the Lasagna Love organization in February and has since become the regional leader for the Williamsburg area. Lasagna Love, a volunteer-based organization that first began in March 2020 in response to the covid-19 pandemic, aims to spread kindness through delivery of a meal to those in need.

“One of the things that I love best about Lasagna Love is that there are no requirements to receive,” Pittman said.  “A family in need can look a lot of different ways.  That could be a financial need, an emotional need, a time need.  The nurse who is working long hours and can’t put a homecooked meal on the table that week, the new mom who is exhausted with a newborn, the widower who has a TV dinner every night, the parents exhausted from virtual learning, the family of eight living in a hotel or their car.  Lasagna Love is for everyone, and we have all been in a place where we needed an extra hand.  We can all use kindness.”

Since its inception, Lasagna Love has delivered more than 80,000 meals to families across the country. Locally, the organization has had almost 400 meal requests and volunteers have delivered roughly 270 meals.

The premise is simple: volunteers register online at and then deliver meals to those who request service at  Volunteers can help out whenever their schedule allows, and are paired with those who need a meal based on when they are available, how far they are able to drive, and the meals they can provide based on diet restrictions and food sensitivities. Pittman is responsible for matching volunteers with those who make a request.

“What we do is simple: Feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities,” Pittman said. “Our mission is not only to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families, but also to provide a simple act of love and kindness during a time full of uncertainty and stress. Personally, I also love being able to include my children in this. The best part is just seeing the smiles and hope that a homemade meal, made with lots of love, can bring.”

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