Sunday, July 25, 2021

Budget Blinds Of Hampton Is Open For Business

Hampton—For those who get frustrated trying to install or replace window blinds or shades, or need a creative resource to help design window treatments, Budget Blinds of Hampton is just a phone call away.

Although Budget Blinds has been serving the Peninsula and beyond for more than 20 years, Hampton and Newport News are now being specifically serviced by a dedicated design and implementation team.

“Whereas before this area was being served by two other franchises, now Hampton and Newport News will have the advantage of getting direct service and a direct phone number to us,” said Jasmine Coccio, who co-owns the company with her sister, Karen Coccio.

The process starts when a potential customer calls for a consultation. Budget Blinds of Hampton will get some basic information, then an appointment is made for when a designer can come out to the home or office space.

“That designer just happens to be me,” said Coccio. “We’ll sit down and have a fun little conversation on what the customer would like to accomplish. People often don’t realize how many options they have available and the different variations we can use to design something amazing for them. So, it’s a really, really fun process, and people have a tendency to find themselves enjoying something that is usually quite a tedious or frustrating task for most.”

Consultations generally take around 90 minutes, depending on the size of the home, how many window treatments are being installed, and the complexity of the design work. Once completed and the customer has decided which fabrics, patterns, colors, and treatments they want, Budget Blinds of Hampton takes measurements on the spot and gets the order processed right in the home or work space. When the product is ready, Budget Blinds makes an appointment to come back and do the installation.

“Everything is custom and is made specifically to fit each customer’s windows,” said Coccio. “We keep no inventory—which is great for us because we don’t have the overhead costs of maintaining a big warehouse—so that helps us aggressively price things for our customers to help them get what they want in their windows. That’s why we’re called Budget Blinds. We offer style and service for every budget. We have the strongest vendor network of any other window treatment offerings in the industry, and we also provide a standard warranty many people would normally have to pay for with other companies.”

Budget Blinds can provide curtains, decorative panel tracks, sheers, window films, hurricane and security protection (shutters), even automated windows that can open and close with the push of a button on your smartphone or tablet, or be programmed to open and close automatically at a given time of the day. “That’s an important safety feature,” said Coccio. “If a customer is away from home for an extended period of time, having the curtains and blinds open at designated times makes it looks like the home is occupied.”

The entire process generally takes four to six weeks. More exclusive and premium-type products may take a little longer because they are more complicated to manufacture. For a full listing of the Budget Blind product depth and services they have to offer, visit

Budget Blinds of Hampton is a woman- and veteran-owned company. They honor local service members, first responders, and healthcare workers with a 10 percent discount on every order, every day.

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