Oishii Restaurant Receives Business Appreciation Award


WILLIAMSBURG-Amy Lau and David Lam, co-owners of Oishii, an Asian restaurant on Prince George Street that specializes in Ramen and sushi, were recently recognized by the City of Williamsburg with the 2021 Business Appreciation Award.

Mayor Doug Pons presented the award to Lau and Lam during a City Council meeting on June 10. The Business Appreciation Award has been handed out the past 16 years to businesses whose hard work and dedication make the city a better place to live, work, and visit.

Lau and Lam started out together as employees at Oishii before purchasing the business a few years ago. The downtown establishment is a favorite among College of William & Mary students, who campaigned to keep Oishii open during the height of the covid-19 pandemic last year.

“We do thank you, Mayor Pons, and everyone who is here to witness this,” Lau said during the presentation ceremony. “We just have amazing things in store for the next few years for not only the restaurant but for the city as well.”

Oishii is currently closed to give staff a break, but will reopen on Tuesday, June 15.