The Welcome Basket of Williamsburg Closes


WILLIAMSBURG-After nearly three years, The Welcome Basket of Williamsburg co-owners have decided to call it quits.

Co-owners Ashley Campbell and Ashlyn Trant announced their intent to move on at the end of May.

“This was not a forced closure, but a decision to push forward in other areas of our lives, and focus on those areas that bring us the utmost joy,” the pair wrote on their social media pages. “We have greatly enjoyed spreading kindness throughout Williamsburg over the last (almost) three years, and have loved working with so many local businesses. We cannot wait for our next chapters and greatly appreciate our beautiful community.”

Campbell and Trant started The Welcome Basket of Williamsburg as a way to spread kindness throughout the Williamsburg area. The concept behind The Welcome Basket of Williamsburg involved the women packaging welcome baskets filled with gifts from local businesses, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and other sponsors, and then delivering them to the doorsteps of new homeowners as a way to introduce them to the community.