Dinosaurs Poised To Take Over VLM


NEWPORT NEWS—A high-flying Giganotosaurus made a spectacular entrance into the Virginia Living Museum the morning of May 18, courtesy of a lift from Hampton Roads Crane & Rigging headquartered in Newport News. The 13-foot-tall, 5,700-pound dinosaur was secured in the conservation garden and will be one of the main attractions when the exhibit “Jurassic Giants of the Triassic, Jurassic, & Cretaceous Period” officially opens to the public on Saturday, May 29.

Giganotosaurus, which is officially two-inches taller than any other dinosaur previously displayed at the VLM, will be joined by several other dinosaurs in the conservation garden, including a water-spitting Suchomimus that will help visitors keep cool during their visit. Dinosaurs will be located throughout the VLM grounds, including seven animatronic dinosaurs indoors, along the Dinosaur Discovery Trail, and a walking, roaring dinosaur that roams throughout the park one Saturday each month.

“Dinosaurs are part of our heritage,” said Rebecca Kleinhample, Executive Director of VLM. “Real, live dinosaurs actually once roamed Virginia, many fossilized tracks have been discovered, like those on display at the base of our main indoor staircase.”

There will be other events associated with the exhibit which will run through September 6, including a campout with the dinosaurs on the night before it officially opens to the public, a T-Rex Photo Op, Live Animal Shows, and Dino Yoga. The exhibit is included with the price of admission.

For additional information, visit the VLM’s Changing Exhibits web page.