Coastal Cocktail Carts Are Ready To Pull Up At Your Next Event


NEWPORT NEWS—The premier roaming bar of the tidewater area is ready to roll up to your event.

Coastal Cocktail Carts was born during a trip to the Florida Keys, where the owners and soon-to-be husband and wife team of Sarah Campbell and Alexander Ellis saw a horse trailer that had been converted into a bar.

“We thought it was a really neat idea to have this bar on wheels that could be taken anywhere you wanted it,” said Campbell. “We got to thinking that it really shouldn’t have a lot of overhead costs involved, so let’s try it. Let’s give it a go.”

The couple found the perfect two-horse, bumper-pull trailer in North Carolina and set about converting it. Ellis, who is a welder by trade, enlisted the help of close family friend, Rusty Moore, who helped speed up the launch process.

The idea behind the concept is that if a couple or group wants a mobile bar at their event or function, they can get in touch with Coastal Cocktail Carts to let them know what they want, when they want it, where the trailer should go, and how many guests will be served, and a customized quote can be generated. Signature packages are broken into three main categories:

–                 “Beer, wine, and bubbly” if the event will offer the basics, plus some champagne

–                 “Beer, wine, bubbly, and two cocktails” which is perfect for a wedding reception where the bride and the groom may each want a signature cocktail available

–                 “Beer, wine, bubby, two cocktails, and the mixer” which is basically an open bar

“I have it broken down on the website by the three different packages, but this is certainly not all of the possibilities the cart could offer,” said Campbell. Other ideas for use could include a local brewery that needs an extra beer source outside to keep lines shorter, a brunch where the hosts may want a mimosa and Bloody Mary bar, a church event that serves hot chocolate and popcorn, or even to serve as a “booth” at an outdoor event.

The trailer has a full electrical strip that can be powered via an electricity hookup or its own generator. So, the options for where and what are virtually unlimited. However, if someone is interested in renting the trailer and wants alcohol, the hosts will need to purchase it ahead of time and supply it to Coastal Cocktail Carts.

“We do not have an ABC license, so we cannot purchase the alcohol for our event hosts,” said Campbell. “However, we can create a customized grocery list, so to speak, of what they will need for the event. From there, it’s up to whoever is hosting the event on how they want to get the alcohol to the venue. They can either drop it off with us, or they can bring it to the event.”

Campbell has checked with the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) and confirmed they are allowed to transport alcohol for an event, but cannot purchase it. However, they do have liability and liquor insurance so if a bottle gets broken en-route to the event, Coastal Cocktail Carts will cover the damage.

For additional information about Coastal Cocktail Carts and how to book them for an event, visit their website.