Newport News Tourism Debuts Virtual Tour


In celebration of National Travel & Tourism Week, Newport News Tourism produced a video to replace its annual day-long Familiarization Tour of Newport News. Typically, a motorcoach tour is held for front-line personnel, as well as visitor center staffs, and other hospitality industry workers. The tour provides participants with first-hand knowledge of the city by taking them to each attraction in a fast-paced but comprehensive overview of everything Newport News has to offer.

Due to the current restrictions executed by the governor, which limits the number of people who can gather together safely, Newport News Tourism produced a video which would serve as a virtual tour. The 16.5-minute recording gives anyone who chooses to watch it a visual introduction to Newport News. It begins at the Newport News Visitor Center and ends with shopping and dining opportunities, as well as a driving tour of the Toast of the Coast: Beer, Wine, and Shine Trail.

Newport News tourism is a $336.4 million industry, providing nearly 3,200 jobs, and generating $11.2 million in local tax revenue.

To tour video can be viewed on YouTube or on the Newport News Tourism website.