Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Rare Lobster Donated To Virginia Living Museum

NEWPORT NEWS—A lobster that was potentially slated to be someone’s dinner at Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant in Manassas, Virginia is now the newest member of the Virginia Living Museum.

Named “Freckles” by the restaurant members who saved the lobster’s life, the rare “Calico Lobster” is a one in 30 million genetic wonder. What makes Freckles even more incredible is that calico lobsters rarely survive in the wild because the bright orange spots make them an easy target for predators. Lobsters are normally mottled brown in the wild, and only turn bright red or orange when cooked.

Red Lobster put the word out about their discovery on the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) network, of which the Virginia Living Museum is a member. After it was confirmed the Virginia Living Museum would receive the unique crustacean, the Museum’s Senior Director of Animal Welfare and Conservation, Chris Crippen, and VLM Aquarium Curator, Patrycja Lawryniuk hit the road with a specially prepared travel tank.

“We take great pride in our conservation efforts and strive to create a strong partnership in the community,” said Crippen. “We see this as an opportunity to share nature’s anomaly with guests, as well as continue important education about sustainable seafood practices and significant conservation efforts of the American lobster fishery.”

After an evaluation and quarantine period has been completed, Freckles will go on exhibit to the public as a welcome addition to the Museum’s Chesapeake Bay Gallery.

For additional information, visit or call 757-595-1900.

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